Oasis Riyadh, Riyadh - Malham, SA, Attractions
Oasis Riyadh, Riyadh - Malham, SA, Attractions

Oasis Riyadh

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The event will be organized by the International Company for Organizing Events and Activities in cooperation with Seven Experience and Rotana Audiovisual. This event will be the first of the 20 ideas for entertainment that Al-Shikh promised to support during his briefing last week.

The “Oasis Riyadh” will be held on an area located north of the city of Riyadh, and the activities will be organized in total compliance with the precautionary health measures and preventive protocols to stem the spread of coronavirus.

A wide variety of outdoor leisure activities and programs have been planned to enthrall the visitors and entertain them in a pleasant weather. The activities include concerts, sport events, and activities cater to the taste of various segments of visitors.

Some famous chains of international restaurants will install their stalls at the entertainment venue.

The site will also include, among its available entertainment options, many diverse sessions, including luxury tents to spend the most beautiful times, and to enjoy entertainment and artistic activities in an atmosphere of recreation and relaxation.

The winter events will witness performance of Saudi artists, featuring many aesthetic elements and entertainment nature. The event will include pavilions to display and sell a wide range of unique products that match the event’s theme.


Riyadh - Malham, SA
Saudi Arabia
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